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Pricing and Options

Regardless of the software selected, our pricing structure is simple and straightforward.

Each sign up includes one hour of usage. Additional usage is charged at the hourly rates listed below:


$49 sign up + $12/hour

(2 Worker machines - 104 Ghz Total)


$99 sign up + $24/hour

(4 Worker machines - 208 Ghz Total)


$199 sign up + $48/hour

(9 Worker machines - 468 Ghz Total)


$399 sign up + $96/hour

(20 Worker machines - 1040 Ghz Total)

*All pricing listed in US Dollars*

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Aren't islands for vacations?

Your "island" is a private computing network located on AWS' backbone. Regardless of the software being utilized, the procedure will be as follows:

  1. First, click on the closest region to you
    (the shorter the response time, the better).
  2. Then, enter your billing details and hit "Launch" on the regions' website.
  3. Your island will now build. Once complete, download your control App.
  4. You may now start-up your Worker machines via the App.
  5. Once the Worker machines are ready, the App will notify you.
  6. Use your Worker machines as if they were located on your own local network.
  7. When ready, click "Finish" in the App. Your island will now self-terminate (alternately, use our automatic Shut-down scripts to do the same at the end of your workload).

What makes c2c Unique?

From Visual Effects, to Financial number-crunching, to structural Simulation and beyond...

The impact of c2c upon any industry that benefits from additional computational support will be remarkable.

c2c is the first-ever, direct to consumer, cloud based, turn-key platform, launching in 8 different regions worldwide.

Utilizing AWS (Amazon Web Services), we have built a robust, scalable architecture, capable of one-click to launch computing.

c2c allows for instant computing power, user transparency, and zero configuration.

Regardless of the situation, application, or need, we offer the following capabilities as the basis that sets c2c apart from the rest of the cloud computing world.

  • Secure & Encrypted Connections
  • Utilizing Dual Intel Xeon E5-2666 v3 CPU's
  • 60GB of RAM per Worker machine
  • Zero Required Network Adjustments
  • On-Demand & Scalable Computing
  • 1-Click To Launch, 1-Click To Finish
  • Worldwide Availability
  • Endless Software Configurations
  • Managed cloud-based Licensing
  • Simplified Pricing
  • Minimal Software Requirements
  • Optional Automated Shut-down Scripts

Our currently supported software:

Autodesk 3DSMax (2011-15) w/ V-Ray 3.2 + Deadline 7

Autodesk 3DSMax (2011-15) w/ V-Ray 3.2 DR

Autodesk Maya (2012-15) w/ V-Ray 3.1 + Deadline 7

Autodesk Maya (2012-15) w/ V-Ray 3.2 DR

Coming soon:

Next Limit - Maxwell Rendering System

Sitni Sati - Fume FX Simulation Software

Blender Foundation - Blender 3D Creation Suite

Pipeline FX - Qube Render Farm Management

Solid Angle - Arnold Rendering System

The Foundry - Nuke Compositing Package

Linux OS Compatibility

...and many others.